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AEP + Recruitment advertising: effective employer branding

AEP advertising provides effective recruitment advertising, employer branding and membership marketing communications solutions for employers and institutions.

We convey company culture and help employers to attract, select, engage and develop people by providing a recruitment ‘twist’ to your corporate communications story and addressing key sector and skill messages.

Our promises:

  • We are incredibly creative
  • We can link recruitment marketing to your business plan
  • We can help you win the ‘war for talent’
  • We can address attrition and internal communication
  • We can intuitively engage communities that matter to you
  • We can progressively reduce the cost per hire

Our services:

Recruitment outsourcing – we focus on the employee lifecycle and driving talent to you, so you can focus on selection

Employer perceptions and communication of culture – internal and external benchmarking to prioritise key messages and misconceptions

Employer branding – turning corporate communications in to effective recruitment marketing

Resourcing your in-house team – providing them with access to key tools that make them more self sufficient

Media mapping and media buying – sharing our knowledge of candidate media consumption, running ads, links and video in appropriate channels

Web or microsite build – dedicated digital platforms, landing pages, content and hosting

Social media – making sense of life beyond LinkedIn and Facebook

Recruitment advertising – general awareness, engagement, event – across print and online

Nurturing talent – keeping candidates warm and ‘thinking of you’

Events – integrated solutions for general and specific skills / locations

Measurement and effectiveness – using cost per hire and technology

We offer clients over 15 years experience. Our people are dedicated, specialised and focused. Our process is rigorous, comprehensive and flexible. Our offer is full-service and customisable. Oh, and did we mention our creativity?


We are a b2b and b2c creative ad agency providing integrated branding, strategic and lead generation marketing communications. We have experience of multiple sectors and deep specialist knowledge in the business services, financial services, automotive and recruitment advertising sectors spanning over 40 years.

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