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AEP + Automotive and Aftermarket marketing

AEP partners with companies in the automotive and aftermarket sectors - vehicle manufacturers and OE parts programmes, component manufacturers (OE and 'best fit'), specialist distributors, retailers and resellers, and associated suppliers including finance, fleet, energy and software for example.

Working either in a local market or cross-border we:

  • Research or help analyse market, product or price perceptions
  • Position, differentiate and create brand or product stories
  • Plan marketing and awareness campaign strategies
  • Develop distribution and trade channel sales and marketing programmes
  • Create advertising and associated sale and sell-through material
  • Launch products or services pitched across multiple stakeholders
  • Create B2C awareness and education campaigns
  • Plan and buy media and determine "route to market" - trade press, consumer media, social media, PPC, TV, outdoor etc
  • Marry up marketing with a business plan

Over the years we have worked with carmakers, tyre manufacturers and resellers, oil and lubricant manufacturers, OE component manufacturers, wholesalers and supply chain companies, insurance and car hire firms for example launching products or services, building market share and helping to drive sales.

Typical briefs include;

  • Demonstrate how to position, launch and build a multi-million oil and lubricants business in the emerging markets
  • Manage global trade advertising and co-ordinated media buying worldwide
  • Launch a new product into the automotive aftermarket
  • Devise a creative strategy for EMEA, the US or globally
  • Secure £1m sales from a standing start
  • Promote the OE story to differentiate and justify premium price
  • Launch a sub-brand to build overall market share
  • Launch a new technology into the market and give the trade a reason to recommend and sell-through
  • Refocus marketing and sales support to build awareness, market share and improve EBIT


We are a b2b and b2c creative ad agency providing integrated branding, strategic and lead generation marketing communications. We have experience of multiple sectors and deep specialist knowledge in the business services, financial services, automotive and recruitment advertising sectors spanning over 40 years.

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